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Vocal Technique and the Organ of the Human Voice to Sing

In talent search events, there are some Vocal Technique and the Organ of the Human Voice to Sing by the jury. such as clarity in pronunciation, attitudes or body language while singing, capable of singing in high or low tones and in beheading of speech in a song sentence or can be called a phrase.

The Vocal Technique and the Organ of the Human Voice to Sing - Music Writee
The Vocal Technique and the Organ of the Human Voice to Sing - Music Writee

The Vocal Technique and the Organ of the Human Voice to Sing

  1. Intonation is the height of a tone that must be achieved precisely.
  2. Phrases can be called by beheading a good and correct sentence, so it can be easily understood.
  3. Articulation, that is the way or technique of singing with the lyrics of the song clearly.

Respiratory Technique is important

There is also a technique called breathing, but this technique is grouped into several techniques.

Chest Breathing

Chest Breathing performed by filling the air in the lungs at the top. This breathing is very short and not suitable for vocals. In the chest breathing, the expanding part of the body is the chest. This type of breathing usually produces low notes.

However, weaknesses will be easy to run out of breath, so less well used to sing.

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Stomach Breathing

In addition there is also called the stomach breathing. Abdominal breathing is done by making a large hollow stomach, so the air can enter.

This breathing is less effective for vocals because the air will quickly come out so that the lungs will be active and tired quickly. This type of breathing can produce a very loud sound. but stomach breathing is not so good used in singing.

Respiratory Diaphragm

Then there is the so-called Respiratory Diaphragm. This breathing will make the chest cavity and oral cavity become loose because the diaphragm can be tense and straight, so the volume becomes changed. This changed volume can increase and may enter the lungs and breath that can be overcome by the diaphragm in the muscles on the left side.

This breathing is perfect for singing, because it can take a breather with as much as possible and can remove it regularly-land. In diaphragm breathing, the air is drawn as deep as possible and stored in the diaphragm. Then, air out while singing. This breathing allows us to produce a pure sound with a Long breath.


Vocal technique is not only able to know about the technique of breathing, that we must understand and able to practice vocals.

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Practicing Vocals

Vocal exercises can be done while singing. That is the way exploration of the song or model (a song that is already known and used to recognize the concept of musical elements). The song of the model was sung by changing the basic tone in a row up and down.

Healthy Human Voice Organ

Singing is music by using the human voice organ. The organs of sound in their musical instruments. Therefore, the aspect of health is very impressive voice in singing. If we have a fever, cough, runny nose, or burden of breathing trouble, we will be hard to sing well. Often we can not talk.

Therefore, avoid unhealthy lifestyles, such as smoking. because these activities can damage organs and organs of human voice.

So, there is what you need to know about Vocal Technique and the Organ of the Human Voice to Sing -- if you have a question, please write it down in the comment field below or SHARE this article to your friends in social media.

Friday, September 15, 2017

5 Elements of Music that Every Musicians Needs to Know

Talking about elements of music and complete explanations will surely add to our knowledge of music, especially if we are really involved in everyday musical activities as musicians and listeners - There are 5 elements of music that must be known before getting to know the music more deeply and in this article we will discuss it with a complete explanation.

5 Elements of Music that Every Musicians Needs to Know
5 Elements of Music that Every Musicians Needs to Know

It seems almost everyone likes music and in fact we are unconsciously surrounded by an art, which is music art. There is a basic foundation in music art that is a framework that can combine several things that can be incorporated into an art, or we can call it as elements of the art of music.

5 Elements of Music that Every Musicians Needs to Know

Musical scale

We often see it in textbooks on the art of music, the ladder is the order of a tone arranged to form a ladder. There are two parts to the musical scales, the diatonic and the pentatonic scales.

Diatonic tone

A diatonic tone is a scale that has 2 types of distance (1/2 and 1) with 7 pitches.

Pentatonic tone

The pentatonic staircase is simpler than the diatonic scales, the pentatonic scales consist of only 5 basic notes.

There are certain interval patterns on each of the scales, each of which has one basic note and followed by other notes that may be lower or higher, thus forming certain characteristics.

5 Elements of Music that Every Musicians Needs to Know
5 Elements of Music


A melody is a piece or full form of tone expression to be conveyed to a music listener or connoisseur. Melody with intervals that are reached by both human and musical sounds is a good level of melody. So music artists must learn the melody when they want to express all or part of the notes of the music they make.

The melody is short and high in music. As we used to hear in a song, the melody will sound like a tone that seems to rise to the top and then back to its original state.

Melody consists of tone, duration, and pitch. Pitch is also called the color of sound or timbre that can set a series of notes, denoted by the alphabet A through G. If note A to G is a melody in a certain time interval, then can be called duration. Then Tone is produced from different sound colors and comes from various musical instruments.


Rhythm can not be directly felt by the audience or listeners of music, because it must listen to it repeatedly. Because rhythm is the basic element of music with a series of regular motion. Each circuit is made up of repetition of sounds, the determination of the short length of a word in a song. All that happens because of the change of words in the words of a song. Can also be called as a determinant of beats in music.

The rhythmic feeling will come out when the rhythm gets its pattern, the rhythm can harmonize a person's feelings to be in tune with the physical movement - usually people express it by nodding or shaking their heads to follow the rhythm of the song.


Bar is a repetitive swing or tap and comes at the same time regularly. Written in fractions like 2/3, 2/4, 3/4, and so on. The "/" sign is called the denominator that shows the pitch value in a tap.

Bar is made up of 2 different types, including bamaar and barbeque bars. Bainar bar is a bar which the value of the denominator is even, while the bar is the weird one.


Tempo became the main thing in music which is the measure of the speed of the song, the size of the tempo is the beat. Beat is a tap that shows the number of beats in a minute. In symbolic if a song with a beat of MM 60, it marks in one minute there are 60 beats. A tempo determines the speed of a song - the bigger the tempo, the faster the song is played.

Conclusion about the 5 Elements of Music

With that we can add the basic science of the art of music after knowing the 5 elements of music that have been described, apply the above material and practice now to train the musicality owned. These elements must be known when we want to deepen vocal techniques and instruments, according to the material consisting of:

  • Tone
  • Melody
  • Rhythm
  • Bar
  • Tempo

Maybe that's all we can write to the article about the 5 elements of music that every musicians needs to know as the foundation for every musician and music lover, when someone wants to be asked, please fill in the comment field below - Do not forget to share this article to social media or to friends near you and tell them about the 5 elements of music that have been described.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

7 Points How to Compose a Song Lyrics in 30 Minutes

By knowing How to Compose Song Lyrics in 30 Minutes, we can increase productivity speed especially in songwriting - in contrast to writing song lyrics, composing songs is a further step to do and this is very important.

We can determine the arrangement that will be made, just as I explained in the previous article about How to Write Song Lyrics Step by Step for Beginners - in the form of lyrics of songs that adorn the order and certainly can make the lyrics more easily digested by the listener.

7 Points How to Compose a Song Lyrics in 30 Minutes - Music Writee
7 Points How to Compose a Song Lyrics in 30 Minutes - Music Writee

How to Compose a Song Lyrics

Making songs can not be arbitrary, if you want to get maximum results, of course must pay attention to the basics of making it first - The compilation of the lyrics of the song determines the strains to be played, in collaboration with musical instruments. There are several compositions of song lyrics that must be known to the lyricists.

The composition of the song lyrics


As the opening of a song, it usually begins with the strains of the instrument or can also add vocals along with the lyrics inside. Intros are often made smoother, as a welcome to the listener. But many are experimenting to start the intro with a strong beat.


Each song must have a verse (except the instrumental) containing the content in the song being sung, most lyricists using 2 or 3 verse in 1 song. With 4 or 8 lines of lyrics on each verse. There are also many lines containing lyrics on only 1 verse written, depending on the bar and the arrangement of the song.

Bridge (optional)

The bridge is not often found in the lyrical compositions of songs made by musicians in general, as the name implies, Bridge is usually applied between Verse and Chorus as connectors. Bridge has a different key chords with Verse and Chorus, the song will be more colorful when the Bridge is added to a song.

Chorus / Hook / Reffrain

Literally, the chorus (or Hook / Reffrain) means the essence of a song - directly telling the listener what the lyricist means. With the same lyrical, tone, rhythm, and repeated every Chorus is applied to the composition of the song.

7 Points How to Compose a Song Lyrics in 30 Minutes - Music Writee
7 Points How to Compose a Song Lyrics in 30 Minutes - Music Writee

Interlude (optional)

Most musicians use interlude only as a distraction to make music feel flat, most of them have different tones and chords of key with new lyrical fragments - or just instrument games.

Solo (optional)

While only one of the instruments that play the filling of songs and arrangements - can also be interpreted as a protrusion of the instrument is usually covered by other instruments, eg Lead Guitar instrument that presents melody to fill the interlude. There are also some who use trumpets and other musical instruments.


In closing a song, compiled at the end - can use the same chord key or with different variations.

Then, How to Compose a Song Lyrics in 30 Minutes?

30 minutes is the right time to finish composing the lyrics of the song, if we have noticed and know the basics of arrangement as we have explained above. Researching more deeply about the composition of the lyrics of the song should indeed take precedence, in addition to accelerate, can also add insight for the writing of the lyrics can be made with not arbitrary.
  • 0 to 10 First Minutes: Writing Lyrics and Drafting
  • 10 to 20 Minutes: Customize with Song
  • 20 to 30 Minutes: Practice and Final Determination

If you still can not finish it in a short time, try to keep the words and make writing and composing activities into a daily routine. So, making the song in 5 minutes can be done sometime later.

Can it be that fast? Could be, as more experience in writing lyrics, will facilitate production - In this opportunity, Music Writee has gathered at least information about writing lyrics quickly. So, the most appropriate key is to multiply the exercise and expand the knowledge as well as experience.

Thus the explanation of How to Compose a Song Lyrics in 30 Minutes is suitable for beginners and professionals, if the delivery we provide still raises questions, can you devote in the comment field - Share this article to your social media and tell them that writing the lyrics it's fun.

Glad to share with you guys, can not wait to continue other articles later. Peace out.

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8 Tips to Write a Song Lyrics Step by Step for Beginners

The first article on How to Write a Song Lyrics Step by Step for Beginners that will initiate the activity on Music Writee, according to the definition that we know about the lyrics of the song is the outpouring of responses or ideas balanced with hearts and feelings -- Usually the lyrics of the song written by the lyricist and unlike common writer, writing song lyrics should be adapted to the tone and rhythm.

The step by step we will share this time on how to write the lyrics is expected to add insight to readers of this blog. Each verse, paragraph, and bar on the lyrics of the song is combined with a vocal technique that can later produce a musical arrangement.

How to Write a Song Lyrics Step by Step for Beginners
How to Write a Song Lyrics Step by Step for Beginners

The lyrics of the song that will be made usually depends on the mood being felt by the songwriter -- When feeling sad, then the lyrics of the song will produce words that tend to seem sad too, vice versa.

How to Write Lyrics Step by Step for Beginners

Writing lyrics can not be done indiscriminately, of course, if you want to get good results in accordance with the mood and feelings that are being felt. There are several aspects with step by step in writing lyrics for beginners.


Finding inspiration to write lyrics is very important, inspiration can come from anywhere, the most important is searching and researching around the environment or exploring feelings. We might write lyrics without inspiration, but with results that are not as good as lyrics written with inspiration.

The conclusion is an inspiration can add colors to the written lyrics, because it has a foundation. And inspiration will be obtained in accordance with the mood that is being felt. So still retain the lyrics written to fit the feelings.


Doing research can add a basic pattern in the writing of song lyrics, we can read the lyrics of the band or musicians that we enjoy, then we can examine what is written by them. Not to be imitated or copied, but just a picture of what we are going to write.

How to Write a Song Lyrics Step by Step for Beginners
Research: How to Write a Song Lyrics Step by Step for Beginners

We can see the writing patterns that have been written and resolved by a professional in the field of lyric writing - just as by searching for inspiration, doing research is an in-depth study before we start writing.

Expand Reading, Writing and Composing

Get used to add insight by researching a story or knowledge books, gradually we can be friends with writing and words. The more you read, the more inspiration.

Also make writing activities into daily hobbies, write daily activities, so that one day we can make up a fiction story or package the reality according to personal experience - which will be composed into song lyrics.


Before writing the lyrics, it would be nice if we gather the vocabulary knowledge by reading the dictionary to fill the spare time. This is 'required' if you are a rapper in hip-hop music. Vocabulary is the main one. But the general singer must also be rich in vocabulary.


The best lyric written if without the application of a good rhythm, however, certainly will not produce a perfect lyrics. Because the rhythm determines the tone as well as the rhythm to be determined. The great rhythm associated with the stanza and the written word, without rhythm, the lyrics will feel very flat without variation.

Right time

Take a moment to think, feel and reflect on what is happening today. Usually a lot of people lull their feelings on social media in general or tell a friend, this can be changed by pouring it on the writing of the lyrics, like writing diary, but decorated with the right arrangement.

Start slowly

Write the lyrics word by word, until it reaches line by line - then the longer will accumulate the composition of the lyrics of the song in question. If it is already arranged stanza (usually 4 lines per stanza), then we have reached the checkpoint. By default, 1 song has 4 verses and 1 chorus. Can also add bridge, interlude, intro, and outro. But focus only on 4 verses and 1 chorus with an arrangement.

Common arrangement

  • Verse 1 (2 stanzas)
  • Chorus (1 stanza)
  • Verse 2 (2 stanzas)
  • Chorus (1 stanza, same) 2x

Arrangements and Revisions

Overall, the writing of the lyrics will be (quite) completed by following the steps above, only it should still be maximized with the circumstances, the situation is also the condition being felt. Writing skills are essential for song lyrics.

So, arrangements can be done if some of the above aspects have been done, the arranging process will be easier because we already have the lyrics that will be adjusted with the selected instrument.

Re-checking is also important, revisions must be made so that words and stanzas in the lyrics do not match. Adjust the rhythm, tone, and rhythm spontaneously (first) then specify entirely during the final process together with the instrumental to be created.

Conclusion on How to Write a Song Lyrics Step by Step for Beginners

As we've read above, there's a lot we can pick up before we start writing lyrics, step by step is clearly stated. What we need this time is to start, do not forget to set free time to enjoy when writing lyrics.

Maybe we deliver it is not complete, but you can still communicate with us through the comment field below. Share this article into your social media and tell them how easy it is to write the lyrics.

That's all we can tell on Music Writee right now about How to Write a Song Lyrics Step by Step for Beginners, look forward to another article we will publish soon - Do not forget to follow us by subscribing on some social media channels we have. See you next time. Peace out.